Weekend snip!

Morning all!

The formatting is coming out great on my first short read to be published. I was soooooo close to submitting when I saw I needed to change my Copyright page 😦 .  At 2 am I was ready to call it a night! Here’s what my title page is looking like so far!


And now without further ado  we continue the story 😉

Your truly,




“I was ravished.”

Gillie’s words echoed back to her. She was a bride of Mcgregor who had returned. She now had a permanent dazed look in her eyes. It had taken Krista months of pleading to get her to speak at all and her reward was dead silence after but a few words. She used to be bright and cheerful Krista thought, sweet and innocent. She had seen her be carried off in the previous summer. Strawberry hair shimmering in the sun and round green eyes a dance of nature. No one expected her to end up a bride of Mcgregor. When a similar girl of sorts was first thought of, Krista had step in. She alone had more fire in the red of her wild hair than any girl in Harknor. Let the angels stay at home. Krista was her own type of angel, one that danced in dark. But even an angel who danced in the night had her limits.

Perhaps it was suicide to volunteer for this.



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