New Erotica Released on Smashwords!


What if you fell in LOVE with a MONSTER? Part 1 in a Dark Romance & Fantasy short! 99 cents only 😉

She felt it all her life…the pull of the lavender moon.

In a small village one unwed women is periodically chosen at the rise of the lavender moon to become a bride to the god Mordok’s half-demon son, The Mcgregor. Mordok, ruler of heaven and the cleansing hells is said to grant the sacred experience, but most brides are never seen again. Wild at heart, Krista willingly goes with Mordok’s priests although it may be her death, greatest love or very well both.

The Lavender Moon is part one in a short story serial. The Mcgregor: II. Mordok’s Love coming soon!




Super happy to announce that  The McGregor is up on Smashwords! I’m working getting it available to Kindle and Ibooks and B& N as well as over retailers but all file formats are viewable at Smashwords!

I can take a deep breath for now and start working on part 2!

Please let me  know if they are any issues with the formatting! 🙂

Yours truly,



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